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This is my 98th post.

I am actually surprised that it is only 98 posts! But I am slowly moving towards the 100 post mark, which won't take place until sometime next week, because it's Canada day tomorrow and we are heading to Toronto to visit some friends and family.

I am very lucky because one of my best friends is getting married a few weeks after me, so I am able to talk to her about all my wedding anxieties. This is good because all my friends who got married a while ago or have never been married can't understand why I am scared of my wedding. My friend's wedding has been largely spurred on by her future mother in law who has shopped for her initiations, flowers and centerpieces. It sounds cute until you are there (picture the mother from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) Fortunately my friend is very zen about the whole thing and was very clear about what she was looking for in terms of style etc. so things have been going very well for her! Having each other to talk to has been a life …

60 days

In 60 days I am going to become someone's wife. I will stand with him in front of our immediate families and wedding party and vow to share our lives together. It is supposed to be the most special day of my life and I am dreading it.

I want to be married, but I don't really want this wedding. I do not like the idea of being put on display like a show dog. I am not looking forward to having to dance in front of a bunch of people twice, having to be the centre of attention. I am really not looking forward to this. Do I want see my family and my friends and eat some good food, but this whole "wedding" idea scares the crap out of me.

So in 61 days I will be happily married an on my way to Alaska. So I am looking forward to that day 61 days from now.

Okay I'm better now.

So I didn't get the job. They E-MAILED me to tell me! I mean seriously after all the shit they put me through THAT's what I get! Arg. You know what though? It really is their loss, because I can guarantee you that NO ONE wanted that job as much as me and NO ONE would have worked as hard for them as me. So there company I am not going to name. I wouldn't be surprised if they call me again in three months because the person that they hired didn't work out.

So I spent last night crying nee BAWLING like an imbecile. I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest. I just needed that win. I have had so many little defeats over the last few months that I REALLY needed that win. I felt deflated and useless and guilty, amongst other emotions. I really wanted to crawl into a hole and die because I just didn't feel worth the air I breathe. I know that it all sounds very dramatic, but I seriously just really needed the win.

So after all that I woke up today and I …

What Doesn't Kill Us

Living in Quebec is a character builder. Living in Quebec is a character builder. Living in Quebec is a character builder. I am repeating that to myself over and over, because eventually I will believe that instead of "Living in Quebec Sucks ASS."

The job interview came and went and it didn't go as well as I would have liked. I did my best, but I probably sounded like a moron as I stumbled over my words a few times! I think that I answered the questions well, but I am sure that the other candidates answered them just as well. The main interviewer had to go on a "conference call" about 15-20 mins into the interview and then I saw her in the lobby about 10 mins later with the next candidate. Not a positive sign.

While I was sitting in the waiting area I saw the previous candidate leave and mention that she'd e-mail her references. The remaining interviewer didn't even ask for my references, I had to offer them.

They also said that they would be mak…

Can you spare some more good vibes?

Tomorrow it's D-day. The day that will decide if I will in fact get my dream job or not. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at 13:30 (1:30pm) EST (10:30am Pacific, 11:30am mountain, 12:30pm central) send me some good vibes. Some "Hire Me" vibes or some "Knock that interview out of the park" vibes or hey even some "make coherent sentences" vibes will do! Thanks in advance.

Back to interview prep! :P

Just when I thought I was out

So after two e-mails, one phone call and two weeks, I FINALLY heard from the "dream job" people. First they e-mail me to ask when I am available for a final interview on Tuesday then after I told them that I was available anytime, but mornings are ideal they scheduled me for an interview on WEDNESDAY at 1pm. I am shaking my head a little bit as I feel that they are a little bit disorganized, but I still want the job. The best part is that they also have locations in Vancouver, so I could eventually transfer to Vancouver if my fiance were able to get a job there.

So here's hoping that Wednesday goes well and that next week at this time I start a new job!

I know that it's stupid but...

I LOVE this song. (Sorry, but the embedding has been disabled so you have to follow the link.)

It's stupid and annoying, but it's funny and let's face it we all need some funnies every now and then! :)

One from the archives...

Once in a while when I have something to say, but I am not too sure if I should say it I save things to draft and forget about them. I actually did that just today and while searching my list of posts I found this little guy from August 5th 2008, so because I put one away into draft, I felt the need to take another one out, so here ya go!

Dear Paris,

It is hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we met. It seems like just yesterday that I came to you wide eyed and excited to begin a new adventure. I fell in love with you immediately. Your beauty left me breathless and I spent hours just getting to know you walking your streets discovering everything I could.

Then as our relationship matured I began to see you not only as the amazing place you were, but also as my home. I became comfortable and secure. In this time I experienced things I never dreamed of, I visited places I had only imagined and discovered that I was capable of so much more than I had ever thought pos…

Because My Last Post Was So Negative

Yes last post I was a total Debbie-downer. I had a lot going on and I just had a bit of a meltdown. Rest assured things are fine now. My fiance and I have been doing a great job of listening to each other and are actually quite happy! :) We had a great weekend working on the yard and swimming in our pool (for the first time!) So here are a few pics of my Kitty and random flowers in the Garden.

Hey I just thought that we could have some happy pics today and don't forget about Hallie's fundraiser. After just a few days she has raised over $1000! Let's help her reach her goal in record time! :)

No News isn't Always Good News

So first off I would like to thank you all for all your good energy. I really appreciate all the support. I wish I had better news, but I don't. After a week, two e-mails and one voicemail I have heard nothing.

Although I am very upset about not getting the job, I am also insulted that they didn't even have the decency to get back to me. I mean really all it would have taken was a generic "Thank you for your interest, but you have not made it to the next round of the recruiting process" e-mail and I wouldn't have had to worry about the uncertainty. Instead they didn't send me anything. That is just unprofessional. Candidates jump through hoops for recruiters and they do so knowing that they may not be selected. The least the recruiters can do for the candidates is answer their questions when they ask. Anyway I am a little upset about the way that turned out.

I had another potential job possibility come my way last week, but that isn't going to happ…

I need your good vibes...

Okay so knowing that there are so many people with REAL problems out there I feel a little selfish asking you this, but I am going to anyway.

Tuesday I had an interview for a really great job. It's perfect. Exactly what I want to do. It's an Employee Relations position for an American technology recruiting company. The position is an in house position here at a game testing lab. Everything about this job is perfect. It's even right across the street from my train stop. The girl who interviewed me seemed really positive. She said that she was really excited to come across my resume because I am the only candidate with Human Resources training/education and she also said that she really liked me and wanted me to succeed in the interview process. However she also said that she'd get back to me by yesterday to set up another more formal interview with the head person from the US who is flying in next week. It's now 4:45 on Thursday and I have heard nothing. …