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The past two and a half months Part 1

Believe it or not I have about three full posts saved as "drafts" that I just can't seem to tweak enough to make them "post-worthy" so instead I am just going to give you a brief overview of my life since the middle of August. I will have to do this in a few parts, because this has been a busy few months!

So here we go:

Friday Aug 28th - I got married!

We had a small ceremony on the beach. It was nice and relaxed, since we had such a small group (there were about 20 people including the photographers, Officiant and wedding coordinator) we got most of the people involved in the ceremony by having them read our "reading" which is was more like a poem-y thing. Basically we broke it down so that my husband's mom and dad, his groomsmen, my bridesmaids and my parents all had a part to read. (I gave them each a cue card with their "part"on it.) The Officiant (The INCREDIBLE Brent Sheppard) was so impressed by the idea that he asked if he cou…