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Don't judge me

I am going to warn you straight off the bat.  This post is going to offend some people.  I don't mean it to, but you can never have this discussion and NOT offend someone.

With that said I will get on with my post.

I have a large extended family.  My dad's side are catholic and all that that entails, so he had 7 brothers and sisters, and each of them has at least one kid, so I have 18 cousins on my Dad's side alone.  Anyway we are mostly a very close group.  There are 4 noteable exceptions, one due to family circumstances and the other three due to the death of one of my uncles when I was very young.  I have been reunited with all of them in my adult life and that was great.  Well it was sort of great.  A few years ago the kids of my late uncle (well calling them kids is a bit of a misnomer, seeing as the two older ones were in their 30's with 2 kids apiece) came to stay with us so that they could spend time with my grandparents (the cousins were from the next province…


Have you guys checked out the "stats" option?  I just did and I am not going to lie I freaked out a bit.  I have traffic coming from Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East (including Iran!)  Since this blog is mainly about my life I am not going to lie it freaked me out a bit.  It made me wonder if I should close this blog and start up a more anonymous one... What do you guys think?  (Not that anyone reads this anymore!) :P

New addition

That's right I have been keeping something from you.  I have been in the process of adding another member to my family.  I have been waiting until things were certain before I told people.

That's right, I've bought a horse. 

Her name is Kassandra, she'll be 4 this year.  She's a Selle Francais (French warmblood) and Thoughoubred cross.  I am actually still a bit stunned that this has actually happened. 

I didn't think that I'd buy another horse after the death of my last mare two years ago.  But I felt ready and I was lucky enough to have this horse in the barn that I ride at and she was for sale!  So the stars aligned and I am once again the proud owner of another horse.

Day 30 - A dream for the future

I want to get my Masters.  I have always wanted to go to Grad school, but unfortunately I didn't apply myself enough in my undergrad.  I didn't do poorly in my undergrad, but I didn't quite do well enough for Grad school.  Now however I am older and know what I need to do, so hopefully I will be able to do it!

It also helps that I am not working in the indusrty that I want to study.  I am working right now in health policy in dealing with climate change.  I want to study how the Canadian government is going to deal with the impending changes they will have to make in dealing with the probable public health challenges that are on the horizon from vector-borne disease and chronic disease.

That's my dream for the future.

I'm a geek.

I did 30 days!  :)  Only two slip-ups! :D

Day 29 - Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I want to move back the the West Coast.  Seriously that is my only hope and dream.  I want to go back to the place where my life makes sense.  Oh how I want to go home so so so badly. 

My plan is this:
1) Find husbnd job on West Coast (Aerospace Engineering job)
2) Move to West Coast
3) Be happy again

I will add more late but right now I have to run!  Ciao!