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Where do I go from here?

So I am sick again... Boo-urns, but that has not shut off my happy switch, which is good! I don't know if my current illness has to do more with the prescription that I just finished (like I have no more digestive bacteria and my body is angry) or what but all I know is that it hurts a lot and anything I eat or drink is in and out of one orifice or another before I know it (eww yucky details I know!)

Stuff with le boyfriend is still complicated, but he is making a real effort so I am not going to write him off just yet!

Now with the mini-storm that has been my life lately one question keeps popping up "Where do I go from here?" I am leaving Paris in August (lil tear) this much is certain, but what am I going to do with my life? I know that I want to go back and get my Masters degree (I have a BA in Political Science) but that is a goal that I may not be able to reach without some serious experience. Now I am thinking right now that I would like to work with developmen…

Spreading the positive vibes!

Okay so I thought this was really funny and I thought that you may enjoy it!

So life has been pretty good lately My friend D ended up booking a last minute flight and spending Easter with me. We had a good time. My Dad might be comming for a visit tomorrow if he can get on the flight (he flies standby). The only potentially negative thing is that my relationship with le boyfriend is in flux right now. I think we are in a transitional period, but transition can be good right? I mean look at Spring! I'll keep ya updated. I hope that wherever you are in the world that you are having a good day!

The sun comes out again!

Okay so I meant that figuratively... The sun is not back out in Paris yet, but I am feeling better. It seems that a big part of my funk was due to illness! Yay for that. So I had a throat and sinus infection and it was bad, so now I am on antibiotics and doin' MUCHO better! My mood is up and I have energy again and so things are looking up!

I am sorry that I have been spreading my downer mood around! You have all been very kind with your "buck up" comments and I know that many of you are now also in a similar funk so I am going to try to spread some happy energy around now!

So here's my first installment I mean what says happy like Kermit driving and speaking German?

If you're grumpy and you know it clap your hands...

So I'll admit it I am a total grouch. I am in a funk. I hate everything, I am angry, I am sad about nothing and everything all at once. The following things are a few things making me this way:

-M and Mme R have been very stand offish since the week away.
-Le Boyfriend is going to Hungary to stay with AB's cousin over Easter
-My friend D is NOT coming for Easter-Therefore I will be alone
-Le Boyfriend does not understand why I'd be upset over the AB's cousin / Hungary situation
-I AM STILL freaking sick and I have had a headache for a week that is getting worse (yes yes I am going to the doctor this time I swear)
-The weather is CRAPPY

The following things are reasons that in spite of all the reasons above I should be happy:

-I get to love le Boyfriend
-I live in FREAKING Paris

I know a shorter list but I think that each of those count for at least four.

On a side note I went to get tested for HIV on Tuesday. I went with a friend before who had been asked by her pervious partner …

Back to work

So today is day two of work after my holidays. Unfortunately I am still sick, I think I may have a sinus infection because my sinuses are killing me and I have had a headache for a week. I know that I need to see a doctor but it is such a pain in the ass to make the appointment in French and blah blah blah. Thankfully the Canadian Embassy has a list of Canadian doctors in Paris who speak both English and French so I can explain and get explanations from a doctor in my native language instead of trying to understand medical jargon in French.

Things at work have returned to normal. The Rs are in the process of trying to find my replacement for next year and that is putting the kids on edge a little bit. I do feel bad for them, but what can I do? Mme R sat me down and asked me what had been bothering me the last little while (I have been irritable and anti-social see posts from Feb and Jan) and I didn't know what to tell her except that I have essentially been sick for a month. My bod…

Home again

Okay for all those who were wondering le boyfriend DID see AB while I was gone, but did his best out of respect to me not to interact with her. She came over to his place for dinner with the Hungarians who were staying there. Yay for him, I knew that he wouldn't let me down.

The trip to the Alps was a bit of a disaster though. We all got sick! Sadly because we were all sick and only getting about an hour's sleep a night (due to children waking up) we were not in the best of moods and there was quite a bit of conflict between the adults AND the kids. I got to snowboard though and that was awesome, but now I have to deal with the aftermath of what happened. I was not the best employee and I recognize that and I realize that it is up to me to change that. I've learned my lesson and I will move on.

This week I was with le boyfriend in the Pyrenees and I got even sicker! It was HORRIBLE I was shivering all the time, I couldn't get out of bed and my ENTIRE body ached.…