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I am convinced that my cat knows what time I get home because every day I open the door and he is sitting in the entryway waiting for me. I have always suspected that he has just jumped off the couch (he is not allowed on the furniture) because he is always positioned in such a way that it looks like he has just come from that direction.

Well today I got home half an hour early and I snuck up to the door and opened it right away (I normally take my boots off first) and this is what I saw:

Do those look like cat ears to you?
Yup that's what I thought...

Oh Harley you are sooooo BUSTED!!!!!

25 things

So this has been going around Facebook and I've been tagged about six times, but have refused to do it. Now that I haven't blogged in a while and have nothing else to say I will do it here. (Yes Courtney I totally ripped this off :P)

1. I have never cried as much as I have in the last few days. I feel so guilty for leaving my horse (temporarily she was meant to join me here in the spring because I thought she'd be safer at home and traveling in the spring. ironic) and now she's getting put down and I won't be there to say goodbye. I am going to miss her so so much.
2. I love movies. I am happiest when I am watching a good movie with someone (or someones) I care about. My favorites are the original Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Anytime I hear "Moon River" it makes me nostalgic.
3. I am not a cat person, but I have one and I am pretty sure that my cat is the cutest cat ever.
4. I hate olives.
5. I have b…

Murphy's Law

It never fails. Things are looking up and you think that nothing can ruin your mood and then BOOM. The bubble bursts.

I have been having a pretty awesome week. We bought a cute house, I got my grades back for this semester and my lowest grade is a 90% and I was doing a good job of forgetting all those things that bring me down.

Then we got sick and I was feeling crappy, and yesterday I got "the call," the one that I'd been dreading ever since I got home from Vancouver. My horse does indeed need to be put down. To add insult to injury it will cost me $500 bucks. Plus since the economy is tanking and a business deal went south, the loan that my coach had made me when my horse got hurt needs to be paid back because they can't afford to have that money outstanding. Great. Where the fuck am I going to get that money? Here we are trying to put a down payment on the house and pay for a wedding all with me being unemployed and now I owe a good chunk of change to the …


Okay so I am exhausted. Completely wiped. But......

I am also happy to say that I am now a first time home owner! We put an offer in on a great house yesterday and today we found out that it was accepted! So as long as the inspection and our pre-approved mortgage go through we will officially own a super-cute three bedroom, two bathroom split level! YAY!

Okay now I'm going to bed.

Little girls, Little girls

So I don't really have too much to write today. There's some stuff rolling around in my head but I am not too sure that it's blog material. Karina wrote about something the other day that I can relate to and I just wanted to write about it.

She wrote about interacting with girls who are quite a bit younger that she is, and I in a similar situation. Karina hit the nail on the head. When you're 19 you don't see the maturity gap between yourself and someone who's in their late 20's, but there is one, and how. I have a friend here who is 19, she's super sweet but soooooo young. I have a really hard time relating to her a lot of the time. It's not even that she is immature it's just that she approaches everything with the innocence of youth. Every problem is the end of the world, and she can't understand that I don't want to go out and do crazy things with her all the time. She doesn't think that we are any different, according to…

I really should be studying but...

Okay so I am not going to lie I have been procrastinating for the better part of three hours. I have a final tomorrow and I really should be studying, but I'm just not that into it. So far since getting home I have brushed my cat, unloaded the dishwasher, vaccumed (cause brushing the cat makes a big hairy mess), watched Heroes online (I know the show's pretty much dead but I can't help believeing that it will get better.), checked Facebook 100 times and now I'm blogging.

So update on the snarky classmate. She has now taken to talking smack about one of our teachers DURING class, and let me tell you her voice carries. She has not done very well on any of the midterms so far and she is unraveling big time the funny thing is that if she wasn't such a bitch I would actually offer to help her, but hey why am I going to give my time to her when she was so nasty to me? (Plus I don't think that she'd take my help either because she is too proud.) I have a ba…