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Where do I start?

So I haven't been around in a while.  Stuff has been happening, most of it out of my control and none of it I can talk about.  What I can talk about is that I have been stressed out and super depressed.  Until today I have not felt rested in about 2 months.  I have lost my appetite, but am not losing weight.  I cry randomly almost unprovoked, and I am not a crier.  The rest of the time I put on a happy face and go on with my life.  But it hasn't been working.

You see this "thing" that is happening isn't happening to me exactly, and the person it is happening to hasn't exactly told many people, so until this person does (and I hope it is never because they won't tell anyone until they NEED to and I REALLY hope they never NEED to) I am not going to say who or what I am talking about.    Confusing right?  Yeah well I have a secret and it is killing me.

The few people I have told have told me to "think positive" because it could never turn into an…