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I'm baaaaack!

Okie dokie smokies, so I am back and ready to blog. I have been sans internet for a while now so unable to blog and I felt it necessary to catch up on all my regular blogs before I posted, so I am ready to go!

Here are some random moving thoughts:

Moving sucks and I am still living in a jungle of boxes, but that's okay it will be over soon (or so I keep telling myself!)

I will post pictures (or a lovely before / after video that I am in the process of making, we'll see) as soon as the house does not look like the site of a nuclear explosion.

Birds keep flying into out sliding glass door, it's quite disturbing cause one actually left some feathers (and what I can only imagine are bird brains) on the window.

I got carpal tunnel syndrome from painting. I shit you not, I was in so much pain last week that I could barley hold a fork or a pen!

My fiance is making the move unecessarily difficult by insisting that we don't plug anything in or put things on the shelves until we…

1 more sleep!

Tomorrow we go to sign the millions of papers to get possession of our new house. It is a very exciting, but also stressful time for us.

I sadly did not get the Camp Counselor job that I was hoping for because I did not know about High School Musical. Yesterday I was so upset I wanted to cry (or worse!) which I know is stupid, but I have tried sooo hard to look for work and I finally thought that I had broken the curse and I really wanted to start working again, but I was once again turned away. How was I rejected based on my lack of knowledge of HSM? Well this camp had a theater component and the guy interviewing me asked me to assume that I was in charge of a group of 6 year old girls and then asked me what play they'd want to do. I said that they may want to make up their own or do a princess play, because that's what all the kids I looked after in France wanted to do. WELL apparently I am out of touch because he was very disappointed that I didn't know that they wo…