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It's almost over

So I am sorry for my last post. Another emotion-filled crazy dramatic rambling. The kind I promised myself I'd quit. I am sorry that I let myself slip. That was an emotional day and I am sure that there are emotional days like it yet to come because that box is not closed. I wish I could say that I'll keep it all to myself, but I know I won't because this is the place that I air all my dirty laundry and I plan on keeping it that way. It helps me to hear what you all have to say. I value your opinions. This is all that I am going to say on this subject for this post.

What I really want to talk about it the fact that my time here in France is running out. I'll be back in Canada on August 6th. Wow where has the time gone? It's a weird feeling. I have 4 more days of work with the R's left and then I am on vacation for a month and then it's back to reality. I feel so weird about it. I am so excited to go home. There are so many people that I want to see, and yet …

I am the world's worst person....

I suck. If guilt could kill you I would probably have died about 2 hours ago, but instead I am reliving the last 24 hours over in my head and wishing I could change it.

It all started with this e-mail:


So i know you are returning in August and we were wondering what your plans were? The Swede* and I are thinking of moving out, but are unsure if you are going to be around because we obviously still want the place downstairs, even if it is missing flooring. We have been waiting almost a year now, and even after all this time, i am still a little annoyed that a cat has priority over us. Anyway, we don't have the amount of room down here that we want and so we need to figure out what is happening before school starts in September. So can you let me know what you have planned, even if it is not set in stone. If you know you are heading off back east relatively quickly is there a chance we could move in downstairs, and you move upstairs? Is that a possibility? Well let me know what yo…

Time for a change!

Hey all! So I have made two changes to my blog, the first and most obvious is that I have changed the template! It's like getting a new haircut, it just feels good. Second I have removed the "word verification" thingy on my comments, so no more "advanced hieroglyphics deciphering" needed to post a comment (yes I read on SOMEONE's blog that they hate it!) So that's it for now! I have just gotten back from a weekend away with le Boyfriend and my cousins, so I am a little sleepy, I'll catch you guys up later! Only 1 more week of work with the R's! I can't believe it and I am all booked for going home! Plus I am going to Prague with a friend from home and my Mom is coming in 4 weeks! Wow so much to look forward to! I am very excited!

Hope you are all having a great day!

For Kass...

So Kass tagged me in her "word of mouth" thing, so now I am supposed to do it too! Okay so apparently I am supposed to tell you all about 4 things that I recommend and seeing as I have spent my last year in Paris I thought I'd give it a Paris theme. So here are my "words of mouth"

#1 Best Cafe: La Fourmi

It's in Pigalle and has a super eclectic funky vibe and the best Chevre Salad that I have ever tasted. I go there at least twice a month for that alone!

#2 Best Dinner: L'Ile de Vache

It leaterally means the island of cows because it is refering to when Ile St. Louis (where it is) was a farming community to Ile de la Cite, where Notre Dame is and where the original city was largely concentrated. It's expensive 50 Euros a person plus wine, but it is AMAZING! French food without the snottyness associated with it. The best part though is the chocolate mousse, I swear it is so good it should have its own religion!

#3 Best off the track tourist destinat…

I don't know what to say...

I know I haven't been able to blog in a while and I am sorry, but my cousin is in town and I have been spending some time with her and between that and working I have been busy. Bad excuse, I know! But seriously things lately have been pretty slow, which I cannot complain about. I have had enough drama for the time being!

With that said however one very scary thing happened on Friday night. It didn't happen to me and I was not there, but I was supposed to be and that simultaneously makes me feel guilty and relieved.

My cousins W (20 yrs old) and A (19) went to a club here in Paris, it was a club that A has been to a few times before (she lives here too) as far as I know everything was fine in the club but they didn't like the music so they decided to leave a little after midnight. After exiting the club they had to walk through a group of guys to leave and A passed through fine, but they all grabbed W and started molesting her, like ACTUALLY MOLESTING HER! Right on the stree…

I think I'll take boeuf...Why don't you start with one?

I was lucky enough to have TWO cousins (C and W) in town over the weekend! It was great I love my cousins! One is actually still here and will be for about another two weeks! YAY! We of course did a lot of the touristy stuff that me and my other cousin A (who lives here as well) are sick of. I have a very close family and we all have a very similar sense of humor and so this past weekend was just so funny! Yay cousin bonding!

I have had a couple people (both bloggers and non-bloggers) ask me what I did to bring about my change in outlook and the truth is that I just made a choice to look at the positive. It was as simple as that. I know now that I have it pretty good and I can enjoy all that I HAVE or lament the things that I want or the things that are going wrong.

I was diagnosed with a pretty serious case of depression when I was about 12. It's something that I struggle with. I have never been on medication and I am not in any form of regular treatment. In the past 14 …


It's funny I check people's blogs religiously every day and I am somewhat dissapointed when someone hasn't updated in a few days... and then I realize that I AM that someone!

So here's what's new with me:

I'M BACK! Ha that's right folks Odette the whiner is gone and the real Odette is back. The one who always looks for that silver lining and is quick to point out the bright side! Yup that's me! I am still not at 100% positivity (eg yesterday I appologized to le Boyfriend for not being pretty) but hey Paris hasn't pushed me so far down I can't get back out! I have once again turned into the girl that smiles and says "bonjour" at the people that make eye-contact with her on the street, that runs after someone who has dropped something, that smiles when she sees a baby laugh or an old man give his arm to his wife to help her cross the street, the person who looks at the world and doesn't see the means to an end, but an endless num…