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This video cracks me up...

Yes small things amuse me!

My Guide to Planning your Wedding Part 1: Pick your help wisely

****Disclaimer this is one in a series of blogs that I am going to write about wedding planning and my wedding. This is by no means a permanent change, but instead a sharing of the lessons I learned. I will have pics from my own wedding in upcoming posts. So if you're not into the wedding planning thing, keep checking back cause I'll be switching gears soon. ****

As many of you know I planned my own wedding. I ruled with an iron fist to assure that my husband and I got what we wanted out of our wedding. I still had a wedding coordinator to coordinate and recommend vendors since I was in Montreal and we were getting married in
Vancouver and to suggest things that I may not have thought of. I am so glad that I did get a coordinator (even though she added some of her own stress) because I don't think that I would have liked wrangling vendors and handling the set up stuff that.

Before you go to a wedding coordinator (or to vendors if you aren't using one) it is importan…

Changes coming....

So another cop-out post. Sorry.

I have not had the motivation to blog lately, so I have decided that I need to make a few changes. Nothing drastic, but I am going to take things in a bit more of a "direction" instead of just random bitching and moaning.

So as I am a newlywed (yes I WILL get to the wedding talk) I am going to document my new life. I have hobbies! I love to cook, bake and decorate. I am going to talk a little bit more about that with a recurring "What's for dinner" segment and talking about my latest inspirations. I am going to talk a little more about my on going job hunt (the never ending job hunt!) I will also talk a little bit about being a newlywed and the stuff that I wish someone had told ME! :)

All and all I think that this will be a new and improved "My Life as You Know it" and I hope that you will stick around and enjoy the ride! xoxo