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I hope you never get to know "that feeling."  The feeling when someone you love tells you that they have a disease that you have never heard of and that disease will eventually kill them.  We don't know when, but sometime in the future that disease will take hold and that person you love will have to go into treatment probably involving them getting pumped full of chemicals and having key parts of their anatomy replaced.  You know that this process will mean that they will be sick and in pain and despite this all that this treatment will do is give them time.  Time, not a cure.  There is no cure.

What you do at this point varies.  Some cry, some get up and walk away and if you're me you sit there while every memory, every fight, every moment with them flashes through your mind, and every single thing you thought they'd be there to see becomes uncertain.  You tell yourself not to cry because you don't want them to see your tears.

You spend the next weeks in di…