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Out of the Office

I'm in Barcelona! Yup that's right I am blogging from the comfort of my hotel lobby. Le boyfriend and I are leaving for our cruise tomorrow and so today we're just taking it easy and gearing up for our much needed vacation.

Anyway I just wanted to say have a good week and I'll blog when I get back!

I can't believe they picked my kitty!

Yes that's right out of many submissions my little fur ball Harley got picked to be a top 3 finalist in Hallie's Cutest Pet Contest. I couldn't believe it! He got his furry little butt kicked by an ADORABLE puppy, but he still was a finalist and I couldn't be happier. It has been a hard year away from my little fur monster, but I know that his Grandma and Grandpa are taking really good care of him in my stead.

In other news, my stress level has gone down significantly from my last post. I am on holidays and am taking a break from my nanny job and that is doing me a world of good! Yay!

The countdown to vacation is on!

Two days and counting until the little monsters are gone to Grandmas for two weeks! I for one cannot wait. I really need this holiday, I have been stressed to the max and I am exhausted.

My current level of stress has resulted from a few things:

#1 - Mme and M R's ongoing troubles. They are having issues and so they are fighting. They have nasty fights in front of the kids and that is making the kids even brattier than usual. I do love the kids but they are driving me mental. They cling to their parents because I think that they are afraid of them getting divorced. Little R has taken to acting out, whereas big R has been trying to be a suck-up or just completely zones out. I am just glad that baby R is too young to understand what's going on. Mme R told me yesterday that she's pretty sure that M. R is going to ask her for a divorce. GRRREEEEAAATTTT I really really didn't need to know that... at all. M. R is already never home, on the weekends he sleeps and barley interac…

ooh Wonderful and Scary life!

So what a crazy week! It seems like everyone I know had a crazy one! Lots of cool and scary things happened this week.

On Sunday me and le boyfriend went to Disneyland Paris and had the best time! I LOVE Disney! The Disneyland here has more roller coaster-y rides then the ones in Florida and Anaheim. The Indiana Jones ride is a roller coaster that has a loop and everything! Space Mountain loops as well and is a little bigger, (read more fun!) So that all was cool and scary and le boyfriend got to see me happy, like ridiculously happy, which was a nice change!

We also book a vacation! We're going on a 5 night Western Mediterranean Cruise! It leaves out of Barcelona and goes to Palermo and Sardinia and Marseilles (I've already been there though!) I am very excited! We are also going to be spending 1 day before and 2 days after in Spain, so it's a REAL vacation!

One other scary thing that happened was that le boyfriend got offered a job in Toulouse. It was a promotion and he rea…

Ahhh Wednesdays!

So it's Wednesday and that means I have the kids all day. I.... AM...... TIRED. My Dad left yesterday after a quick visit. It was nice to see him and I know that he feels better now that he has seen where I live and what I do. He also met le boyfriend and really seemed to like him so that's good! I took my Dad to see all the major sights; the Eiffel Tower, the Arc deTriomphe, Notre Dame, the Statue of Liberty, the Louvre etc. We also had time to go to Le Bourget Air and Space Museum and geek out. (We really like our planes!) We did so much walking while he was here though and I have been working my ass off and so I am exhausted!

That also reminds me! I got promoted at the tour company. I am now the team leader / city manager, so I have a lot more responsibility, which is good because now I am busy and making more moolah!

Alas since it is Wednesday I have to get back to work! We are making a movie today about two princesses and the quest for their missing magic flower! (Karina tr…