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Jim Carey inspired me???

Yes that's right Jim Carey said something on Oprah that was so inspiring, that I felt that I needed to share it.

But before I did that I wanted to say that I am in mourning today for the loss of one of my favorite blogs. Vegas Princess has decided to give up her blog and I think that the blogging community is worse off for it. I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to Vegas Princess, and thank her for her blog, which provided many hours of smiles and laughter. I am truly saddened by the loss of this blog.

Okay on to my Jim Carey inspiration. So I never in a million years thought I would ever find Jim Carey of all people inspiring, but alas I did. So it was a show about "Warrior Moms" and he was talking about falling in love with Jenny McCarthy (who has an Autistic son) and more specifically they were talking about how many single mothers feel like they will never find a man who will love them and they're children. (I also think that this applies to many s…

It's Official!!!

That's right folks I am now "officially" someone's fiance! Ahhh crrraaaazzzy!!!! It hasn't sunk in yet and I am still without a ring, but none of that really matters. I am packing up a storm and trying to stay sane! My parents seemed happy, I think that it's hard for them a bit cause that makes me an adult and makes them old!

I am really really happy that le boyfriend (and yes he will keep that name for now until I think of some other cute moniker) finally told our families, I felt sort of like I was lying all the time and I have been so happy about our decision that I just wanted to tell everyone! Plus I was being kinda insecure thinking that he didn't want to tell people because he was ashamed or something silly (really he just wanted to wait for the ring.)

Anywhoo, that's all for now. I can finally tell EVERYONE and be as happy and excited as I want. I can look at bridal magazines and browse wedding websites without worrying about the floor …


Okay folks, I am in fact alive and a little worse for wear and although I cannot share all the gruesome details about the past few weeks with you I'll do my best to go over most of the big stuff.

First off I have been reading a lot and I finally broke down and read the Twilight series. I was surprised at how much I loved it! I must admit I sort of hated Bella and thought she was an idiot (especially in Breaking Dawn) but I was still captivated by the story. I am now really looking forward to Midnight Sun even though it may never come out! As for the movie, well I am of two minds. First off I know that they are going to gloss over a lot of the best parts of the book and that may just piss me off AND I really disagree with some of the casting (Nikki Reed as Rosalie? Really?) However I really loved the book and I know that I am going to drag le boyfriend to see it when it comes out.

Secondly I am trying to get all ready for the big move. This means going through all the stuff that my b…