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Another Day Another Near Homicide

So today started off like any normal day. I get into the apartment at 8am, no one is ready to go even though the girls have to be out the door by 8:15. Little R is screaming, baby R is screaming and Big R is zoned out in front of the TV. So after my usual look of death from Little R and the kick to the head by Big R the girls are finally ready to go and out the door at 8:30. I then get down to getting the baby ready but that is less than fun because he has decided that he only wants his mom and so I get the pleasure of wrestling him into his clothes and jacket and mittens and hat, while he is screaming at the top of his lungs in my ear. Joy. So get him to daycare and head home to take a nap cause I am exhausted.

Yesterday was of course Wednesday, so besides the regular bedlam I also had Big R's friend T over. T is a nice girl and an absolute pleasure to have around so I really don't mind, HOWEVER Big R decides to be a total cow to me and her sister to show off. She kicks poor L…

A Day in the Life of a Nanny

So many people have asked me what exactly I do out here so I figured that I'd give you a brief run-down on my typical day.

I work Monday to Friday. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday go something like this:

I start work at 8am, which means that I get up at 7:50, throw on clothes and go downstairs to the family's apartment. There I do everything from getting the girls (little R, 4 Yrs old and Big R. 5 almost 6 yrs old) dressed (trust me this job is probably the toughest because they are tired and grouchy and mesmerized by the TV) to feeding the baby. Before I leave I have to make sure that the following things get done:

- Girls: dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair brushed with their shoes and coats on ready to go
- Baby: dressed, fed, clean, lunch put together (consists of 1 baby food plate, 2 yogurts and 1
compote), Coat (hat, mittens and scarf) on ready to go
- Kitchen clean (clean up after the parents and the kids)
- Girls' room clean (I make the beds put away all the toys etc.…

Mom and Dad please don't be offended but this blog is not for you.

Okay so I have had so much fun blogging about my travels that I thought that I'd take the narcissism one step further and add a personal blog. I should first say that this blog is not meant to be read by my parents for no other reason than I know that I cannot express myself freely if I know that they're going to read. (There was an incident this summer with a personal Facebook note that my Dad got all weird about.) So Mom and Dad if you are reading right now I ask that you respect my wishes and find something else to read.

Now that that's done I can go about my business. So you will notice that I will be doing my best to revamp my blog, but I cannot guarantee that this will be a quick process, after all I am kinda technologically deficient. So be patient!

In the next few days I'll actually get around to blogging about something interesting so keep checking back (or subscribe that helps too!) Till then wish me luck!