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So friends it's been a while and I meant to post more often, but life just got in the way.  My experiment from my last post has been going well and I have even seen some REAL things come of it.  First off I am in the process of getting a contract with the government.  I got this opportunity by basically living my experiment.  Someone I know basically saw my new attitude and when the contract came up he nominated me for it.  So that's that... I hope ;)  Nothing is set in stone yet, so we'll have to see.

Also my riding is improving dramatically, which is great seeing as that's the only real "thing" I have right now and I felt for a while like I was stagnating.  It occured to me that most of you don't really know what type of riding I do.  I do dressage.  You can see a description of it here.  Basically I train in the "classical german style"  which means that I follow the school of thought on training that comes out of Germany.  (I can get more te…