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OOPS! Tagged! :P

So Kass tagged me a while ago and I kinda forgot to do it! So here goes. I am not going to lie, I had to cheat a bit because the idea is to go into your pictures folder and choose the fourth pic from the fourth folder, but that pic had someone else in it and I didn't feel right putting someone else's pic on my blog without asking them, so I went into Facebook and took my fourth pic from my fourth album there.

The next part of the tag says to explain the pic. Well this is the first pic I took of my engagement ring after I got it. It was so shiny. Sighhhhhhh. So that's my beauuutttiiiiiffffuuulll ring and I still love love love it!

So for this challenge I tag

Vegas Princess

Looking forward to seeing all your pics! :)

My first school gripe

I started school a few weeks ago. I am doing an intensive program in Human Resources Management, and I love the program. I had hoped that I would make some friends out of this, but that's not the way it is shaping up.

This is an "intensive" program, so that means that there is a group of about nine of us who have all of our classes together, and that means that we're together 30 hours a week for 11 weeks. My interpersonal approach to this program was to make a real effort the first day to talk to everyone in my program and ask them about themselves etc. in hopes that we could all get along and have a great few weeks together. However one lady in my program didn't see it that way. She decided the first day that she was going to pick "the best" people from our class to be in her "group." Now we do have to do group projects, but the idea is to have different groups in all our different classes so that we can get accustomed to working with di…

Public Service Announcement




So just when I thought that I was safe from edible temptation, Starbucks releases its Valentine's Day Cupcakes! I innocently walked into the Starbucks across the street from school and just as I walked in a guy asked me if I would like to try a sample. Before I realized what was going on I said "Sure!" I tried the sample, then I realized what it was I was eating... pure heaven in the form of chocolate. Then I realized what I should have seen all along! That guy who offered me a "sample" was actually a pusher! I have since clued in: I've been coming to Starbucks daily since I started school. These cheery people who happily serve me my grande non-fat no water Tazo chai every morning are actually just a bunch of disguised pushers who know that I have lost control of my addiction and am now searching for a new high! They've got me, in the form of chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.....

Don't be fooled by their charming demeanor! …


Okay so after that touchy feely post from a minute ago. I am now going to hell as I just told a lie to the World Vision guy that came to my door. He asked me if I have ever considered sponsoring a child and I said that I already did. I hate lying. I feel so so bad. It's not that I don't want to sponsor a child, but I am unemployed, so how can I give them money that I don't have? Le boyfriend isn't home so I couldn't ask him if it was okay. I panicked. Crap. Did I mention that I hate lying?


Okay so I think that most people got "angry Odette" comments on their blog (angry for them not at them) today for one reason or another. I am not angry. I mean there are some troubles at home (le boyfriend's evil "C U Next Tuesday" of an ex-girlfriend keeps rearing her ugly head and this is causing a rift), but I am dealing with that in my own way. However this is not what I want to talk about today, because there is something much more important to talk about.

I have sooo many things to be thankful for among which are a great group of blogging friends who I feel privileged to know. So this blog is dedicated to all of you and so because so many of you are going through some bumpy times I just want to give you all a shout out because I don't think that anyone gets to hear it often enough.

Vegas Princess - You were my first blogger friend (That I didn't know personally) and you have always been so supportive and kind. You are probably the single bigge…

The Dress

That's right I found it. The dress. THE dress. That's right the dress in which that I will marry the man of my dreams. It's great it is almost EXACTLY like the dress that I showed you a few months ago, it's silk and it only cost $300! It was a sample of a custom dress that they stopped making and it just so happened to fit me, so they offered it to me at like 70% off! It is at the alteration place right now and the only alterations that I had to make to it were to get the bust taken in, a hem and I am getting a bustle put in. The only problem is that it sits a little too high up on my chest, but I'm okay with that, I have no boobs to show off anyway! So here's the pic let me know what you think. (Remember that it hasn't been altered in these pics) Cheers!

A Christmas Miracle

So the title may be a bit dramatic, but I did have my own Christmas miracle. I was one of those unlucky people trying to travel over the holiday. All flights to Vancouver were canceled the three days prior to the 25th, which was the day that we were flying back to Vancouver. We chose to fly with Air Canada since it had direct flights and West Jet only flew through Toronto. However Air Canada seemed to have trouble getting their planes and crews to the cities they were supposed to be in. There were numerous reports of people being stranded for days waiting for their flights because of the weather we were preparing for the worst. When we heard that the 25th was going to be clear and that some flights had actually left Vancouver on the 24th, we had some hope. However at about midnight on the 24th I was checking my flight status one more time before I went to bed and noticed that my flight was canceled. Trying not to panic I called Air Canada as advised on the website and was on h…

Okay I'm back

So I am back from my hiatus and I have sooooo much to talk about. However I am still feeling a little off so I may have to spread this out over a week or two.

So since my last post I have been sad, but getting a little better. I had a little depression relapse (like a 5 out of 10) and that made me tired, weak, angry, unmotivated and mean. On top of that I always feel so guilty when I get like that. I feel guilty because I have so many things to be thankful for and yet I still get depressed. The guilt is what keeps me down and that makes me angry and mean. I don't mean to be mean, but it's like I just don't feel that I deserve to be loved and so I push anyone who tries to help me away. Arg it is a savage beast this depression, but alas I'll get through it one day at a time. As I said before it's a choice. Everyday I have to wake up and tell myself that I am not going to let this rule me and in the past month or so I haven't been strong enough and that i…