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Happy Halloween!

Okay so I am sitting at home on Halloween watching the Ghost Whisperer (I have never watched this show before) wishing that the Charlie Brown movie was on. I mean why isn't this classic on TV? Jeeze!

Anyway that's all I have to say really. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy halloween! I hope that you are enjoying whatever you are (or maybe aren't) doing to celebrate this spooky holiday! :)

A few quick notes...

First of all I would just like to give a shout out to all the readers who have popped up all the sudden! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting and following! I am very excited and happy to have you all!

I just got back from Buffalo NY (my first time in NY state!!!) We were visiting with le boyfriend's twin bro, his bro's wife and his nephew for his nephew's first birthday. Too cute. The kids are starting to call me Auntie now, which is sweet! Oh and I got to go to Target and I LOVE Target! :)

I am still looking for a job, blegh, but I want to thank you all for your support and Courtney I have posted my resume on Monster thanks a bunch for the tip!

Last I want to say that I love election time (both American and Canadian.) I am a politics nerd and I love seeing the way that the election can mobilize and ignite a country. I LOVE hearing everyone's opinions about who they like and who they don't it's so interesting and people are so insightful! I m…

The first of many on this topic I'm sure...

So if any of you have read Karina's blog over the last few months, this may sound like deja-vu.

I am in the process of job-hunting and there is no single more soul sucking activity I'm sure (and yes I am including wedding planning and bikini shopping!) I have never in my life felt more useless and like a bigger waste of space. My confidence is at an all time low and I am feeling the scary shadows of depression closing in.

I had two job interviews today. The first was for a receptionist position for a shady "marketing" company and the second one was for an HR position for a great company that has some great perks (eg they pay 80% of tuition if I decided to go back to school.) The first interview never materialized. There was no one at the office that they sent me to, which was fine since after consideration I really didn't want that job. The second interview was going great, the office has a really casual vibe and I really could see myself fitting in with the…

I'm on a roll!

Okay so I got tagged for the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award by Vegas Princess and as part of this I have to answer a few questions:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? If you count high school then yes. I moved around a bit when I was younger so I never really had any solid friends until high school. I do have 1 friend that I've had since grade three though.

2. What do you value most about your friends? Honesty and loyalty. I really value loyalty because I am not perfect and I need to know that my friends have still got my back even when I am wrong, but are honest enough to let me know I am wrong!

3. Are your friends your sounding boards? Yup to an extent, if I am really struggling I'll reach out, but most of the time I don't go to people to talk about my problems.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends? Lunch, brunch, coffee anything that brings us together to do something and we get a chance to catch up.

And now according to the rule…


So I am on hold with the Quebec DMV to make an appointment to get my Driver's licence exchanged, I have now been on hold for 15 minutes... I have a feeling that everyone is on lunch... So because I haven't written in a while I will demonstrate the reason... I can only think in random thoughts..

So I have had a very boring existence lately. I look for jobs online, I look up wedding stuff, I get frustrated and upset and I sleep... oh and I eat a lot. I know it's bad, but I can't stop eating.

I do love Montreal however, it's so pretty! I just wish I could find a damned job!

I have now applied for 30+ jobs with no response... BOO! Oh and I screwed up a test that I was going to write for my dream job in the Federal government. I kinda didn't pay attention to the date, assumed it was a Monday, but it was a Sunday and I missed the exam and they will not reschedule, so I have to wait for them to re-post the job, which could be any time between 6 months and two year…


So in 24 hours I will be in Montreal. I. Am. So. Scared. I had a pretty big fight with le boyfriend about nothing just because we are both tired and stressed out, so that put a dark shadow on everything. I am also sad, because I won't see my family until Christmas, and although I went a lot longer without seeing them when I was in France I still always knew that I was coming home eventually. This time when I come back here it won't be my home. I will be a guest and not a resident and that sucks. That's scary. So now here I am on the verge of tears getting ready to leave my home, permanently and FREAKING OUT!

I'll tell you all about the jerky movers another time... I am freaking out too badly today!

And here come the tears...

Wedding? really?

You know that girl who has always dreamed of her wedding? The one who has planned out pretty much every detail of her "big day"?

Well that's not me. In fact the thought of having a big wedding with lots of people staring at me gives me hives. I want to get married at the courthouse with no one but our witnesses but le boyfriend does not, so I will be having a "small" ceremony, more than likely at a tropical location, and I am getting hives thinking about it...