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Attack of the Karma Police!!!!!

Okay so I am convinced that the Karma Police are after me. I had a great day yesterday! I went shopping with my cousin X (I got her a nanny job in December) and I got stuff that I needed for my trip to the French Alps. I also got a sweet new jacket, which I didn’t need but I saw it and fell in love with it and I had the money so I bought it. My rational behind it was that this jacket has a hood and my other snowboarding jacket doesn’t so I bought it. Anywhoo the rest of the day continued on pretty smoothly and I was pretty happy with myself. My mood was up I was actually starting to feel like myself again for the first time in weeks and then it happened…

Le Boyfriend’s roommate Y, who is his ex-girlfriends’s, friend (it’s a long story, but I really like her she’s really sweet) has some people staying over (a friend and her Mom from Hungary), which is no big deal, they do their thing and we do ours and he rarely sees them. Anyway I go over to his place last night and we decide to…

All better!

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this on a French keyboard and the spell check still doesn't work so I appologize about the plethora of spelling errors!!!!

So I have made the flu my bitch and am on the mend (Yay!) Now that that's over I have to get back into training for my 5k (please all of you runners out there try to stiffle your laughter) and take a bit more responsibility for myself. Let me explain. You see lately I have been going around like Grumpy Bear with a rain cloud over my head. I've been grouchy, irritable, tired, lazy etc etc for no particular reason. I tried to snap myself out of it but I couldn't and I was beginning to take it out on the kids, which I felt awful about. True I am not at all satisfied with my job (even though it has many many perks and is really easy), but that is in no way their fault. I have been unfair to them and I feel really bad about it. Now I am not being mean to them or anything, but I haven't really done anything beyond the…

I hate being sick!

So today I am sick. I have the flu or something and I pretty much feel like crap. However Mme R has been so sweet to me today. I sent her a text message at 3am to let her know that I would not be able to come to work in the morning (between my digestive pyrotechnics and the fact that I felt like my entire body was made of cement) and she called me right back to check on me. AT 3 AM! She was so sweet she was ready to come up to my room and look after me! I have to say that no matter what other crap I am going through Mme R is a really great lady, she cares about my well-being and that is more than I could ask for out of a boss. In all the less than positive stuff I say about her situation I felt that I should also share some of the positive stuff too. Sorry if none of this makes sense I am still a little loopy from the fever!

YAY for finally having the internet back!

Okay so I have been without reliable internet for about a week so I haven't been able to blog. Much has happened since I last wrote.

First and foremost my Mom and I finally spoke! I am happy that that is over. She didn't apologize per se but I will take what I can get!

Mme and M R continue to have problems, but they are leaving me out of them so that's another tick in the win column!

I have been having a great time with le boyfriend lately; we actually just got back from a weekend in the Burgundy region of France. (I'll have pics up on my travel blog and a better description of the region itself so check that out as well!) We spent Saturday going to the region of Chablis (for the wine), Tonnere (for this crazy natural spring) and Abbaye Fontane. It was really relaxed and nice. Sunday we went on an 18km hike. It was a lot of fun. The idea was to hike from Avallon (where we had stayed the night before) to Vezelay, however we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up climbing…