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Stress flame reduced to glowing stress embers.

That's right everyone after my frantic lunatic writings the other day I have finally battled enough of my demons to return to normal. YAY! Thank you all for your support during my little melt-down. It happens to the best of us... right? Anyway here are the updates on my situation:

Mme R finally noticed that I was a wreck and laid off the constant "girl-talk" aka husband bashing. This is good because although they are still fighting (he actually barked at her today. No I mean literally. He barked like a dog. She was being snippy and he called her on it. I nearly wet my pants I was trying so hard not to laugh.) she leaves me out of it, so I can act like I have no idea what's going on. So that's good.

I have no news on the parent front. I haven't spoken to my Mom in almost a month, which is weird for me seeing as I used to talk to her all the time at least once a week. Oh well if she can't grow up and admit that she was out of line then I guess I can't hel…

Back from Toulouse and still attached... for now

So the trip to Toulouse was not as big of a disaster as I feared (fewf!) However it was not all rainbows and butterflies either.

First off I am quite stressed at the moment for many reasons. The main one being that M. and Mme R are fighting and have been fighting since they got back for Christmas holidays. The is MY problem because Mme R for whatever reason seems to ALWAYS confide in me and has even gone so far as to hint that she wants me to keep an eye out for possible infidelity! AHHHHH! This should in no way shape or form be my problem and yet I am being dragged into it and it is driving me CRAZY! To top it off the kids are now acting out to get their parent's attention since they can feel the tension. So in a nutshell that is a HUGE source of stress for me right there.

Plus I am having problems with certain people back home. I cannot believe that they are able to pick fights with me over the internet but they are doing it anyway. Not only that but my Dad is making digs at my fi…

One of those perfect days

Today was one of those amazingly perfect days. The kind that make you realize how lucky you are to just be. It wasn't that I did anything particularly special, but it was just amazing. To start off it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and the temperature was mild and there was no wind. By some miracle I convinced myself not to go back to sleep after I got home from dropping off the baby. This was miraculous seeing as I worked the pub crawl last night and didn't get to sleep until around 2:30am. To top it off I actually convinced myself to go jogging for the second day in a row!

I have started jogging again and it is a very very slow process since my body is a little messed up (hip/ lower back/ ankle/ shoulder issues stemming from one too many falls off ponies.) It is very frustrating because I want to be able to just go out and run but my hip gives out and I can't run anymore and when I do run on it like that I re-injure it and then I start back from good ol square one (…

Ah Winter in Paris

So two weeks ago I went skating with the Boyfriend and a few friends. This was the boyfriend's idea, not mine seeing as I haven't skated in at least 7 years and I wasn't very good at it then either. However somehow I still managed to get myself convinced to go. I was nervous because although I did warn the Boyfriend how bad I was at skating he still wanted me to go, so what calms the nerves better than a drink (or three) right? So my friends and I had a few and then met the boyfriend at the skating rink. Well I could not even stand on my skates! It was ridiculous! I was falling everywhere and to add a final touch to the evening I was standing with the Boyfriend on the ice when I fell backwards knocking his feet from underneath him causing him to fall on top of me and for me to hit my head on the ice. Within seconds of my little show the skating attendants had rushed over fearing that I had cracked my head open (I was fine. I just had a little bump.)

Oy so that was embarras…

A few random updates...

Okay so there have been a few changes in my life over the last month and a bit.

First of all and the one that I am the most excited and simultaneously scared about is I have a boyfriend. Yes an actual boyfriend. No he is not French, he's Canadian, which is funny considering I could have found one of those back home. Our relationship is full of funny coincidences. We went to the same University (Carleton) although he went about 4 years before me, we tend to quote from the same, movies, make the same comments about stuff that we see on TV or on the street (at the same time), we like our KD the same way, we like most of the same foods and we are both huge dorks.

We met at this event set up for expats in Paris, it was a scavenger hunt with the Canadian, American and British Expats competing (Canada won of course!) We ended up at this bar afterwards and we were both getting a drink at the bar and I decided to strike up a conversation. I honestly don't even know why, I just did it. An…

New Year... New... uh I dunno something.

Okay so I am the world's worst blogger. I get it don't hate me! I have been writing just not when I had an internet connection... So here's a sample of my oh so deep New Years piece which I started on the plane on the way to Montreal and have just finished. I will do my best to keep my blog up to date but I haven't been home much as of late, so that's kinda hard. Anyway here's my reflection on the year 2007:

As we sit on the cusp of yet another year it is customary to reflect on the events of the year past and look towards the year coming. 2007 was a rollercoaster year. I can honestly say that I will not be sad to see this one go. I am ready to put it in the past and move on. This past year has seen me go to three funerals, two of which were very unexpected and tragic, move to a new country and completely re-evaluate my plans for the rest of my life. I came in to 2007 sure of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. I was ready and focused and det…