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In Montreal...

So I am currently in Montreal. I am doing NOTHING but looking for jobs and since I have no money I really can't do anything else. I hate this, I am frustrated and I just want to go home. I am not too sure that I can do this, move here I mean. In Vancouver I could have a job within a week, but here I am at a loss. I used to love this city, but now I am not too sure. Arg I knew these next few months were going to be tough and I have other stuff going on, which I can't talk about and I just feel alone and hopeless. Boo hoo suck it up Odette I try to tell myself, but I am frustrated! grrrrrrr!

Quick note!

I'm here and I am alive! I am just soaking in all the amazingness that is being home! I am SOOOO freaking happy to be home! Time is flying so fast and I am heading to Montreal in just over a week to see le boyfriend! YAY! so I am sorry that I haven't exactly been around the last little while, but I have been having too much fun appreciating all that is home! :)

Do I sound happy? Cause I REALLY am!