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Half-Marathon Training Week 5

So I am in the thick of things and running 4 times a week to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It is hard and I am not going to lie I am struggling a bit, as I have a bad knee and it keeps acting up, but I will keep at it.  I NEED to keep at it for my sanity!

Lots of people ask me what my training schedule it like, so I thought I would share a snapshot of what's up this week:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Tempo 6k (Meaning I run it a little faster than my race pace, so for me it is like turtle pace instead of snail pace ha ha ha)
Wednesday - X-train (YOGA!)
Thursday - Hills (run 800m up hill 7 times, plus a 2k warm up and 1k cool down.  I am not going to lie I hate Thursdays!)
Friday - off (This is my only real off day as I ride and/or play softball all the other days)
Saturday - Steady 6k
Sunday - Long Slow 14k (I also hate Sundays)

So that's what my running week looks like.  I have started to listen to audiobooks as I run instead of music in hopes that I will get wrapped up …