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I'm not your brown eyed girl

So I got my new licence in the mail the other day and noticed that under eye color they put "brun" translation: Brown. This really annoys me because I don't have brown eyes. It's not that I don't like brown eyes, but mine aren't brown. It's not even that, I would love to have brown eyes if they looked as good as these:

But my eyes don't look like those. They look like this: (click on it to get the "full effect" lol)

Is there brown in my eyes? Yes there is in the middle surrounded by greeny-grey. The grey I get from my Dad and my Grandparents, the brown from my Mom. My eyes are hazel, and sometimes look blue, sometimes green,

once in a while they look brown. But they're not. I don't know why it bugs me so much but I just feel like it's inaccurate. It's not like I am asking for them to describe my exact eye shade, but at least use the most appropriate term. My eyes to me are the one thing that make me feel better about myself. N…

A few odds and ends

Okay so I have been up to a bunch of stuff lately.

I went to the dentist last week for the first time in five years and the dentist told me that he was really impressed with my teeth! (Besides the tartar build-up! :P ) YAY! If you are ever looking for a good dentist in Toronto, I say go see Dr. Sim at the Yonge Finch dental clinic. He's great and super friendly. He also made sure that I knew what he was talking about when he was talking about my teeth to his assistant, which was important to me since I am so nervous at the dentist.

Last night I went to the Grey Cup, which is like the CFL version of the Superbowl. It was sooo much fun! I love live sporting events! My team (the BC Lions) got knocked out in the Western Conference finals, which was sad cause le boyfriend's cousin plays for the Lions and it would have been cool to see him play. The team that knocked out the Lions (the Calgary Stampeders) won, which was kinda sad because the other team was the home team the Mo…

My Plan worked wa ha ha ha

Okay so I have been really sad about the lack of comments on my post recently so I decided that I wasn't going to post again unless I had a decent amount of comments on my last one! Shallow I know but sometimes you just need to feel the love!
So Wedding stuff is taken care of. My parents insisted on splitting the bill and I skimmed some stuff off the tab. I am making my own centre pieces and stuff like that. So YAY! I also had to make the decision to do two tiers of invites (I don't care how tacky that is) we are inviting only family in the first wave and then we know how many friends to invite based on the family "no's." I am not too worried because we can have 100 ppl and le boyfriend doesn't think that he'll have more than 40 ppl there, so that leaves plenty of room for my huge family and a select few friends. I had to make sacrifices and since our wedding is on a Friday and out of town for most people hopefully the guest list will work itself out!
I a…

My Wedding May Kill Me

Okay so whoever said "oh wedding planning must be so fun!" is an idiot. Do I sound bitter??? Well maybe that's because I am at that point of working with the wedding planner and she says "and here's how much this will cost." The total is $20,000! I nearly wanted to throw up! How the hell am I going to afford a $20,000 wedding? I mean I know that that's not a lot of money for a wedding (my cousin's cost $60,000) but seriously. I was looking forward to a honeymoon, but now that's out the window. I am not even getting anything too fancy! WTF?

I know that all the married people out there know what I am going through and will know that at this point the LEAST helpful thing people can say to me is "oh well maybe you can not do this and do that." I always just want to say "f*#k you! Was I there trying to get you to compromise your wedding to save a few bucks?"

I know that I need to cut costs, but seriously I am not spending a lot of m…

And the secret is....

MY LITTLE BRO GOT ENGAGED!!!! Yup that's right my little bro proposed to the swede on her birthday. It was actually a really cute proposal. Her mom and her mom's bf are visiting from Sweden and they were all going out for dinner and out to a hockey game. What the Swede didn't know was that my bro had weeks in advance planned out this night in detail. They went to dinner at a restaurant where a friend of him works and he had gotten a menu and re-did one of the pages so that it said "Swede, will you marry me?" So when she opened the menu she saw it and then he gave her the ring and I'm sure that it was a very beautiful moment. (I was not there, but this is what my bro told me would happen I have to get the details later!)

Congrats bro! Congrats Swede, I am not going to welcome you to the family because you have been a part of it for a long time, so instead I'll say congrats on this next stage in your life! xoxoxo

Two exciting and one scary thing...

So two exciting and one scary thing are happening today! I can only talk about two of the things because one of the things is a surprise and I don't want to ruin it! With this said I really really want to say something because I am excited and I think that the way this surprise is being done is very nice and I think that the person for whom the surprise is for is going to be VERRRYYY happy! Arg I've said too much...

Okay for the scary thing. In two hours I have a job interview. Normally I wouldn't be this stressed (I actually threw up last night) but the entire interview is in French. I may have lived in Paris last year and I may have studied French in school from Kindergarten to grade 12, but my French still isn't that good. I am freaking out and considering not even showing up, but that is a cop out and I am better than that, but I am scared out of my mind!

The second exciting thing is that I am going to have a horseback riding lesson today!!! YAY!!! Horses! …

Apple pie and such.

Well today is election day for my neighbours to the south. I wish you all the best and hope that you are all getting out to vote cause that's important! In Canada 42% of registered voters didn't even bother to get out and vote, so I hope that that 42% shuts up if something happens that they don't like. I mean seriously if you don't vote you have no right to bitch and moan if your candidate doesn't get elected or if the government does something that you disagree with because you chose not to have a say so SHUT UP!

Sorry I have just had a debate with one of those 42% and I have no patience for them.

On a more positive note I have chosen to bake an apple pie in honour of American election day! This is my first attempt to make a pie, so it may not turn out so well, but oh well!

I have been making a lot of stuff for the first time lately. Last night I made lamb stew and it was grreeeaaat! I have been cooking the "French" way by getting a recipe and then ju…