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Week 8: The week where things start to get tough

So I know that I have been all pumped over the last 8 weeks talking about how great things are going and they have.  This week however I am going to talk a little bit about the hard parts.

So first there's the pain.  I have CRAZY bad pain in my left knee, which I am pretty sure is largely due to the fact that I have a flat foot because I broke my ankle when I was 16 and I have a screw in there to this day.  Basically when my foot flattened it put my whole left side out of alignment and now I get really bad knee and hip pain.  I have to start going to physio to deal with this, but I am afraid to call because I hate having to speak French on the phone.

The next pain is the lovely muscle pain.  After running (well running for 10 mins and walking for 1) for two and a half hours one is not just going to stretch and be good to go.  It hurts and I can't walk up and down stairs.  The muscle fatigue lasts for a few days and that is not much fun either.

Cramps, oh do I get cramps, both …

Running update: Week 7

So the running is going well, surprisingly.  I did my second 16k run yesterday in just over 2 hours.  I am happy to say that with that I am on track to do the full 21.1k in 2 hours 45, which is my goal.  This is VERY slow, but I never had any allusions about being fast!  To be perfectly honest I am pretty sure that I could run the full 21kms right now at this slow pace and that to me is insane!  I am not a runner, but I am now running for 2 hours and feel amazing afterwards!

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be doing this, I would have told them they were nuts.  I never would have thought that I would have the motivation and drive to get this done, but now I am doing it and truth be told I am actually enjoying seeing how hard I can push myself.

This week's runs look a little something like this:
Tuesday - Tempo 6k
Thursday - Hills  (Boo!)
Saturday - Steady 6k
Sunday Long slow 18k (yay another 2k!)

The fundraising is going slowly and this is making me a bit str…

The start of my weekly updates: Week 6

So I am still in training for my half-marathon and it's going.  Not going great, just going.  I have been having really bad knee pain that has been completely destroying my ability to train.  To combat that I am going to start going to physio and we have bought a treadmill, which is really helping to take the impact off my knee.  So I am keeping at it.

I am still waiting for the weight to start to come off, as I am feeling a little gross.  I can attribute that to the amount of baking I have been doing and the fact that I have not been making a lot of dinners and buying a lot of  meals on the go.

On the plus side we just had a conference call with a nutritionist (one of the many benefits of the Team in Training Program! :)) and we found out that we're doing a lot right!  She spoke a bit about mineral content in foods and how organic food tends to be grown in more mineral-rich soil, which means that it isn't as mineral depleted as a lot of other commercially-grown food.  Thi…